Monday, October 30, 2017

1945 Ferenc Torok & Gabor T. Szanto: intvu by Liza Béar

    Opens at Film Forum, New York, November 1--Not to be missed!
    First look: Once in a while an independent film that hits the screens totally galvanizes you by its sheer filmmaking craft and its insights into human nature.

    Simply titled, 1945 is an original psychological thriller, superb in every respect: script, directing, ensemble acting, b&w camerawork, music. A complex & intimate portrait of immediate postwar peasant psychology, with nuanced characters and sophisticated storytelling about an important subject, the film creates an overpowering sense of menace and suspicion.
    Award-winning Hungarian director Ferenc Torok's sixth feature, it's based on The Homecoming, a short story by noted novelist and short story writer Gabor T. Szanto. They collaborated on the screenplay.
    Story: WWII has ended. The arrival by train of two Orthodox Jews, father and son, throws the inhabitants of a nearby Hungarian village --a long walk from the station--into a maelstrom of fear, suspicion and havoc as they prepare for the wedding of the town clerk's son.
    VIdeo: TRT 10:18 As time allowed, last week I spoke to Ferenc and Gabor about aspects of the original story, the screenplay, the film's structure, and characters with a bad conscience. --Liza Béar
    1945 Film credits: writer-director: Ferenc Torok; screenplay
    Gabor T. Szanto & Torok; director of photography: Elemer Ragalyi; editor: Bela Barsi; music: Tibor Szenzo; production design: Lazlo Rajk. Distributed by Menemsha Films in North America.
    [production note: the video was shot in a closet--the Green Room's mirrored dressing room at JCC  ]

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