Monday, May 4, 2015

A Woodpecker Is Hard To See

New York, May 2, 2015--Faster than a drum roll, a downy woodpecker drills into  a plane tree's broken branch in M'Finda Kalunga community garden at Chrystie and Rivington on a Saturday afternoon, one of the three times a week  when the garden's open. Of course, the woodpecker could also be drilling when the garden's not open, which is the rest of the time. Once, roosters crowed in the garden until humans moaned about being woken at dawn. Now hens lay eggs and the roosters have been relocated upstate, but have visiting rights. Other such recordings are at the Urban Nature playlist on my YouTube channel, nothingofficial.

This video is dedicated  especially to all those rhapsodising over  the new Whitney's inaugural exhibit (which I haven't seen yet)  and over the nautical properties of the museum's "airy, spacious, light-filled",  architecture, as though it's about to raise anchor, become unmoored and sail down the Hudson into the sunset, bearing an art cargo. Robert Smithson did something else with his public art project  Floating island, but that's another story..