Friday, November 28, 2014

In the heat of the moment, the officer who was packing heat.....

In the heat of the moment, Darrell Wilson,

the officer who was packing heat--the officer

wasn't thinking clearly. In this his first

use of his "weapon", it sounds like he was

quite flustered. Whether or not his testimony

about Brown trying to seize his gun in the

vehicle is credible--there are no witnesses

for that part of the narrative--even giving

him the benefit of the doubt .... But I

suspect that once you start shooting, the 

urge to continue shooting until your target 

falls takes over. It's as though he were a 

hunter and shooting game. It's as though his

gun were making the decisions for him 

instead of his brain. That's not in the 

least to excuse his conduct, far from it, but

an argument against cops on the beat having

lethal weapons. Especially young cops.

Perhaps a stun gun would be sufficient to

 do his rounds? Even that seems excessive.