Wednesday, August 10, 2016

1951 Tangier: Archival Family Photo

Summer 1951--My mother Eliane, father Robert, brother Pierre age 4 
and me age 9 deplaning 
from Air France at Tangier airport on a visit to my grandmother who lived 
in an apartment with a terrace overlooking la Corniche. We were living in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England at the time. Photographer unknown. August 9 is my parents' wedding anniversary. In 1941, during WW11,they were married in a small village in Haute-Savoie in unoccupied France. My father was a liaison officer in the Free French Army. According to family history he was a translator at a meeting between Eisenhower and De Gaulle.

Erdogan Supplant Ataturk? Fat Chance.

Erdogan Supplant Ataturk? Fat Chance. At least, not in New Jersey.  Ataturk, hero of modern Turkish secular state. After firing, jailing or torturing his critics and suspected Gullen sympathizers, will RET now go after Ataturk admirers? Photo Liza Béar,
Greenwich Village, New York City.

97 Days To Election: Techies Talk IT

August 2, 2016--Techies Talk IT in City Hall Park, New York. Photos Liza Béar
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