Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gomorrah: Matteo Garrrone Interview

New York, October 2, 2008--Winner of the 2008 Cannes Golden Palm, Gomorrah premiered in New York at the New York Film Festival and is now in theatrical release. The film, directed by Matteo Garrone, is adapted from Roberto Saviano's 2006 bestseller about the international influence of the organized crime empire based in Naples known as the Camorra. Garrone's script follows five characters variously caught or trying to escape from its clutches through interweaving stories that chronicle the Camorra's reach from haute couture to toxic waste. Neapolitan director/actor Toni Servillo heads a cast that includes Salvatore Cantalupo,   Gianfelice  Imparato, Maria Nazionale. Superbly shot and mounted on a vast scale, Gomorrah provides an interior look at the workings of an infamously coldblooded institution that seeks to understand rather than glamorize. Filmed by Liza Bear at the New York Film Festival.
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