Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dispatch from the Frontal Lobes

July 5, 1998: self-portrait filmed in John Gotti's old building on Mulberry Street, not with an I-Phone.

nyc 12.15.15-- its yellowed pages swollen with moisture from countless humid New York summers, not from anticipation at being turned and read, the squat little book in profile pic is Langenscheidts' Lilliput woordenboek, nederlands/engels, most likely acquired, along with Alice's Citroen deux chevaux, on a trip to Groningen in 1978.
[digression: let's see who stops capitalizing which deity now that Bill Bratton has determined that absence of capitalization proves that LA schools threat was a hoax.] the lilliput wordbook is neither a threat nor a hoax, at first a prop and now perhaps a prompt...