Sunday, February 2, 2014

Poem by René Ricard RIP 1946-2014

René died yesterday February 1 in New York. Here's Tide from his 1979-1980 poetry collection, a slim but delectable volume with a turquoise cover published by Dia.


Being with you is stepping out of a limousine
You on my arm is a gold watch
When I'm seen with you my stock goes up
Prices rise. The gas company, Con Ed
You are the most expensive utility
The annual income of an Arab nation
All the clothes in the September GQ
In my closet. You are dry cleaning.
You are shoe polish.Cowboy boots.
Ivory soap. Tide. You're so clean.
Why should I pay my rent, get a phone,
Laundromat or take a bath? You look
And the lint gets brushed off my shoulders.

(c) copyright 1979 René Ricard 

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